E85 ethanol kit: Fully automatic ParadigmE85 flexfuel unit. It is installed on the injectors. No connection to the lambda probe.

E85 PARADIGME85 ethanol tank
Ethanol Paradigme85 flexfuel Starflex model

Our E85 ethanol unit adapts your engine to also run on E85 biofuel, also called Superethanol.

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The advantage of our ethanol box is that it allows you to completely forget about the super unleaded 95/98 if you wish and without the fault indicator light on the dashboard.

We guarantee you an optimal start in winter, you will never need to mix with super.

Your engine will run on both unleaded super and ethanol, regardless of the mixture or not in your tank.

Our flexfuel ethanol kit is sent most of the time fully ready for assembly and preset for your engine, you just have to connect it and drive.

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Our ethanol box is installed between the injector connections thanks to our male and female connectors identical to those of your engine.

For some engines, we have designed specific bioethanol kits for quick and easy installation because the connection is made to the general socket connecting all the injectors as in the image below, so you save a lot of time during assembly and discretion. unparalleled installation.

Connects in minutes
This installation technique allows simple, quick assembly or disassembly without any real need for mechanical knowledge.

An ethanol box, also called ethanol kit, bioethanol box, flexfuel box, bio ethanol kit, E85 kit, flexfuel kit, E85 box, bioethanol kit, bio ethanol box is an electronic box allowing electronic adaptation for switching to E85 bioethanol. 

  • Our ethanol kit is installed on the injectors which will derive the signal from the computer sent to the injectors to the ethanol kit which will return it instantly modified, so the ecu computer not having knowledge of the presence of the E85 kit will take this into account. modification and adapt accordingly its injection corrections, also called “fuel trim”. This modification will allow your computer not to reach its maximum tolerance threshold, which usually causes the engine failure warning light on the instrument panel to light up, caused by an excessively lean air / fuel mixture. You should know that your computer is designed to continuously modify its injection corrections by increasing or decreasing them according to:
  • fuel quality 
  • The density of the air which varies according to the altitude and the temperature
  • The state of wear of certain engine parts such as the air filter, fuel pump flow, injectors and others

These variations are modulated thanks to the return of the signal from the lambda probe (also called the exhaust regulator probe) which is located at the exhaust outlet and which indicates to the ecu computer whether what comes out is too rich or too lean, and in As a result, your engine ECU will increase or decrease its injection time corrections to obtain the desired optimal mixture and therefore a correct signal from the lambda sensor.

The difference from ethanol is that it has a lower calorific value than gasoline, which means that without modifying the flow rate to the injectors, the air / fuel mixture will be too low, resulting in overheating during combustion, which can over time term cause deterioration of the components linked to this combustion, such as valves, pistons, spark plugs. Your electronic engine ECU will obtain this lean mixture information and will attempt to correct its injection times by increasing them to the maximum, but it will be limited by its maximum tolerance and not being able to reach the necessary flow rate.It will illuminate the fault indicator light on the control panel. edge. 

Our bioethanol kit will have the role of compensating for this lack by slightly increasing the injection times, which will allow the ecu computer to never reach its maximum tolerance and will in this way be able to manage the ethanol passage without problem, which makes your flexfuel engine since even when switching back to unleaded your computer will decrease these injection corrections accordingly to obtain the desired mixture. This transformation will allow you to have a flex fuel engine.

Here is a video presenting an explanation of how our E85 ethanol kit works in order to help you better understand and to show you that our bioethanol unit is not a lure to hide a malfunction as some E85 kits do, but a necessary additional supply. for optimal operation.

In most cases we send you the bioethanol kit fully ready to be installed, with the injector connectors corresponding to those of your engine, the connectors are plugged in so that you do not have to look for the polarity (except in certain cases where it may vary for the same model), and the ethanol unit will be preset for your engine, which will greatly simplify the assembly since you will only have to plug it in and drive it.

Click here to access the E85 box corresponding to your engine

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