Ethanol kit full automatic

E85 PARADIGME85 ethanol tank
Ethanol Paradigme85 flexfuel Starflex model

Our E85 Flex Fuel ethanol kits adapt your engine to work also with the E85 biofuel also called Superethanol.

30 days money back guarantee / Case and harness guaranteed for 5 years

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The advantage of our ethanol converters is that they allow you to completely forget the super gasoline if you wish and without engine light on.

We guarantee you an optimal start in winter, you will never need to mix with super.

Your engine will run on both unleaded super and ethanol, regardless of the mixture or not in your tank.

Don't wait any longer to save 40% on your fuel costs.


Our boxes are installed between the injector connections thanks to our male and female sockets adapted to your engine.

For some engines we have specific kits for quick and easy installation.

PARADIGME85 ethanol kit installation

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